"Great visions can only be achieved with an eye for detail and a focus on execution.”
– Divya Modi

Divya Modi is a deep believer in the power of disruption through entrepreneurship to challenge the old and bring in the new, helping bring benefit to a large cross-section of people. She is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs in achieving their vision by providing seed funding for start-ups in India . She invests with companies that are providing products and services which help a large number of people improve their lives. She does this by bringing on board the right kind of capital, galvanizing people and driving growth.

She is an investor who is part of the early stage investors in India, who likes to work with entrepreneurs who have a clear vision and strategy for their venture and the impact it would create in the market they are targeting. She encourages people to break out of the box in their thinking and partners with them to come out as winners.

Having led several entrepreneurial ventures in successfully translating vision to execution, Divya brings her financial expertise and operational acumen to support entrepreneurs and teams in the multi-dimensional challenges of growing a new venture. She is a responsive and committed investment partner who believes in empowering the right people at an early stage of their entrepreneurial journeys.